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Service you can rely on

Anywhere, anytime.
To provide excellent services, you need enthusiasm, fairness, the ability to listen, and wide-ranging technical capabilities. Our company and our employees have all that and more. Your personal contact is always on hand to develop the best-possible solution for you. We take a pro-active approach to services. We seek dialogue with you, remind you of important dates, make recommendations and generally ensure everything runs smoothly at all levels. It’s a service you can rely on. Anywhere, anytime.

Before committing to an elevator or escalator maintenance service, there are some things you should consider first:
Elevators and escalators represent a major capital investment and are of central importance to the operation and image of your building. The appearance, smooth running, speed of response and reliability of your passenger conveyer systems can make or break the reputation – and marketability – of your facility.

The only way to guarantee top performance and long life: preventive maintenance.
All installations in constant use need continuous care. This involves regular inspection, adjustment and lubrication.
Preventive maintenance keeps elevators and escalators in top form at all times.

Cheap service can be an expensive mistake!
There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Cut-price service providers have to economize somewhere down the line – usually on preventive maintenance. Sooner or later there’s always going to be a price to pay – usually for costly repairs.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator service technicians are among the best-trained in the industry.
Expert trainers hold regular seminars at our technical support centers (ITS). They also coach our service technicians “in the field” as part of an ongoing training program. This extensive training means our service technicians are among the most competent in the industry.